The Suburban Times: Heck: Proposed Budget is Wrong

Mar. 21, 2012

Olympia, Wash. – Denny Heck has released the following statement in response to the budget proposed yesterday by House Republicans:

"The 'new' Republican budget proposal looks a whole lot like the old one. Just like last year’s budget, this budget would end Medicare as we know it and make massive cuts to Pell Grants and the already tattered social safety net. These cuts would make life more difficult for seniors, students and middle class families throughout the South Sound.

At the same time, this budget gives millionaires and corporations who ship American jobs overseas yet another huge tax cut.

Though the proposed changes to the Medicare system have shifted from last year’s voucher system to one based on subsidies of private plans, the proposed Republican budget continues to miss the biggest problem with Medicare: out of control costs throughout our nation’s healthcare system.

The United States spends far more than any other first-world nation on healthcare as a percentage of GDP. If we adopt common sense changes to the way we deliver healthcare – such as reducing in-hospital infection rates, providing more continuing education to doctors on updated best practices, and placing a greater focus on preventative medicine – we can potentially save hundreds of billions of dollars on healthcare costs each year and significantly extend the solvency of the Medicare program.

We need leaders in Congress who are willing to work across the aisle and develop real solutions to America’s budget problem. By refusing to ask for shared sacrifice to deal with our nations deficit, this budget openly thumbs its nose at the chance of a bipartisan consensus. It is not a serious policy proposal but rather a partisan, election year stunt."

Denny is running in the newly created 10th Congressional District. The 10th is a Democratic district that gave President Obama 58% of the major party vote in 2008.

Denny Heck, 59, is an entrepreneur, former State Representative and co-founder of TVW, a statewide public affairs TV channel in Washington State. Denny attended and graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1973 and has lived in Olympia for the past 26 years with his wife Paula and their two children, Bob and Trey. Denny and Paula, a retired middle school principal, have been married 36 years.

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