The Olympian: Realtors endorse Denny Heck in 10th congressional race

Apr. 4, 2012

Olympia, Wash. - The Washington Association of REALTORS®, one of the state’s largest professional organizations of 15,000 members, today endorsed Denny Heck in his 2012 bid for a seat in the U.S. Congress representing the newly formed Washington state 10th congressional district. 

The endorsement decision followed candidate interviews held today in Olympia with an 8-member panel that included association state officers, Realtor PAC Trustees and Realtors from the Thurston and Tacoma-Pierce County Associations of Realtors. The interview questions...involved issues that impact the real estate industry, homeownership and our state’s economy. 

The Realtors’ endorsement will include the financial support of the Realtor PAC (RPAC), the state’s largest political action committee of its kind, with nearly 5,000 contributors. RPAC is bi-partisan and endorses Democrats and Republicans who share the organization’s concerns for the residential and commercial real estate industries, homebuyers and home and business owners in Washington. In 2008, Realtors invested more than $750,000 in support of candidates around the state; that year, 93 percent of Realtor-endorsed candidates from both parties were elected to office. 

Heck, a native Washingtonian, served in the state House of Representatives for nearly a decade and was chosen to be the House Majority Leader before leaving in 1986. During that time he was one of the prime authors of the state’s Basic Education Act. Denny was chief of staff to Gov. Booth Gardner during his second term. He founded and served as CEO of TVW, Washington’s Public Affairs Network. More recently, he has served on the board of directors of Intrepid Learning Solutions, which he co-founded. 

“Realtors endorsement today is not based on partisan politics, but on the issues that will encourage our industry and housing opportunities in Washington state,” said Pat Brewer, a Tacoma Realtor who headed up the interview team. “Denny Heck has built several small businesses from the ground up so he understands the job creation that is so critical to the health of the housing market and our economic recovery. With his combination of public service and small business experience, he is exactly what the 10th district needs.” 

Washington Realtors are the leading advocates for homeownership and represent the interests of nearly 170,000 homebuyers and sellers each year and the more than 2 million homeowners throughout the state of Washington. Realtors’ top public policy priority is building communities that have a strong economy, attractive home choices, great schools and parks, safe neighborhoods and good transportation choices.


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