Statement on Pierce County Ballot Error

Oct. 23, 2012

Olympia, Washington – This evening our campaign became aware of a printing error affecting ballots in two Pierce County precincts located in the 10th Congressional District. All 1,422 voters in these two precincts - 29-623 (South Tacoma) and 29-663 (Parkland/Spanaway) - inadvertently received ballots containing the 6th Congressional District election instead of the 10th Congressional District election.

The Pierce County Auditor has sent replacement ballots to these voters and has mailed a letter explaining the situation. We appreciate the Auditor's quick response to attempt to resolve this issue. We will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure that all voters are able to cast the correct ballot and to ensure that all voters are aware of why they have received two ballots.

Beyond the steps taken by the Pierce County Auditor, our campaign will conduct additional outreach to these two precincts to make sure voters are aware the first ballot they received is incorrect and to make sure they cast the second and correct ballot they will receive. Our campaign is committed to making sure every voter who wishes to participate in this election casts the correct ballot.

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