Why I'm Running

Every American should have the opportunity to attend a good public school, secure a stable job, raise a middle class family and retire comfortably. Every American who works hard and plays by the rules should have the American Dream within reach. 

But too many Americans today are unemployed or struggling to get by with the jobs they have. Healthcare costs continue to spiral out of control and many young Americans are unable to afford college. The future of Social Security and Medicare is threatened. Congress stands idly by, doing little to help.

We don’t have to settle for an America like this. We can build a country where anyone who puts their mind to it can live the American Dream – and we can do it by working together, Democrats and Republicans, just like we used to.

My parents, a telephone operator and a truck driver, taught me the value of hard work and education. I started a company in Olympia with only two employees that has grown to more than 300. I served our state in the Legislature and as Former Governor Booth Gardner’s Chief of Staff. I know what political leaders can do to help grow a 21st century economy, but my private sector experience has also shown me when they should get out of the way.

My career has been about bringing people together to make Washington a better place to live. This campaign is no exception. It’s a campaign fueled by a diverse group of hard-working people who agree with me on this key point: we can and we must grow and strengthen the American middle class and those working to get into it.

In Congress, I'll push for policies that help the private sector create more family-wage jobs. I'll work to lower healthcare costs, make college more affordable, and get veterans and military families the benefits they have earned. I'll trust women to make their own healthcare decisions.

This is an historic election – the first in Washington’s new 10th Congressional District. Please join our enthusiastic campaign team and make history in our state. Let's Give Congress Heck!

- Denny

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